Offensive Ubuntu Dash Search Recommendations

Beginning with Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) Canonical, the corporate entity behind Ubuntu Linux, will combine search results from the to user’s desktop search for applications and files. Search terms entered into the Dash Home lens will be transmitter to Ubuntu servers, jointly processed by Canonical and Amazon then returned to the user as ads in the “More suggestions” section This “feature” was introduced to provide another revenue stream for Canonical, which gets paid when users make an Amazon purchase.

Including Amazon recommendations in Desktop search may be an annoyance to some and alarming to others. For instance, the search below uses the term, “christ.” There is obviously the chance that offensive material will be “recommended”  by Ubuntu through Amazon.

Ubuntu 12.10 desktop search

This search below uses the term, “god.”.

ubuntu search

While a sine qua non right in the US is freedom of speech and expression, we also enjoy the privilege to shunning speech or expressions the disagree with or find offensive. Canonical takes this away my making Amazon Dash search the default behavior.

For Mark Shuttleworths defense of Ubuntu Dash search, see the article below

Amazon search results in the Dash

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

It makes perfect sense to integrate Amazon search results in the Dash, because the Home Lens of the Dash should let you find *anything* anywhere. Over time, we’ll make the Dash smarter and smarter, so you can just ask for whatever you want, and it will Just Work.

via Mark Shuttleworth.

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